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No matter where I go, I’ve got home around my neck.
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Designer @carven_paris says it in Japanese for #SS15 #PFW
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Vintage style leather back pack in tan!

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23 Halloween Ideas From The Fall 2014 Runways
Photo Credit: Imaxtree
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If I’ve learned anything, it’s to appreciate were you come from. Thanks Mom for the token reminder that no matter where I am or where I go, I’m always reminded of #home, and that it will always be close to my heart. LOL. #Georgia #charm 🌎🌏
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Hong Kong.
People say things, yet they do not quite understand why they say them. People like things, yet they do not understand why they like them.  This is because these people crave the acceptance of society. Some may believe they are above the acceptance of society, yet they try so hard to be a part of something other than themselves. They stress their passion and admiration for something so far that it becomes artificial.
A prime example is in the fashion world today. As I see photos and interviews from Fashion Week, I become more and more detached from the industry. The fashion industry has become diluted and saturated with “fashion gurus” who will say and do just about anything to be a part of something. From how I see it, fashion is not about fashion week or the designers. It’s about the feeling, energy, and of course expression of it all. Fashion is not just an industry that you should want to be a part of through saturated character. Fashion is fate. It is a behavior. A way of life. Fashion is about the expression of your inner self. Fashion reflects what is within you. 
I loathe the word trend. I never minded trends until they became one of the core aspects of fashion. There is an obsession with trends, and the way each designer warps these trends through “their own” aesthetic. Trends practically define what it means to be a part of something. Do not get me wrong, it is great to be a part of something! Just be a part of something by being yourself. Yes. We are part of a family, but that’s because with family you feel free to be your natural self. Do not chase after something because it may make you feel up to some sort of chic standard. To me, chic is about being genuine.
Being artificial, you are soiling this world with false and synthetic energy. Fashion [especially] is all about genuine energy. The world of fashion is a part of a bigger commodity: LIFE. There are so many outlets; so many channels of life. They all connect somehow. Each of these outlets breaks out into more channels with even more outlets. Then, of course, there is the way people think and process differently which generates so many additional outlets of opinions. The word, LIFE, alone holds so much power; so much vigor. To be true to creativity, you must understand the power of this word. So many aspects of LIFE develop the essence of innovation. Your personal opinion and taste is crucial to the well being of this world, and the world of fashion. Fixating on trends, and the designers who distort these trends in their own taste, is not being a “fashion guru”. It is being artificial. It is being a follower.
If you would like to call yourself a true creative spirit, then free yourself. Free yourself from the obsession of being a part of something, because as people with minds, we create that something. Question yourself. Question life. Know yourself. Know your surroundings.  Meditate.  Push your mind. Be the inspiration. In the channels of life, questions and knowledge can never stop. Great creativity and style comes from intuition, and intuition comes from being real. Not just real with others, but real with yourself too. 
Trend:Trend by Jennifer Jarvie

(Source: clubjarvie.blogspot.com)

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Once upon a time I got arrested for taking this picture in the largest metal industry in China…
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